Soul-Jazz Trio, Paradigm Shift captures the fire of classic organ-guitar pairings while also propelling their spirit into the present with a decidedly modern soul.

If organ-driven jazz saw its heyday in the late '60s, nobody bothered to tell Paradigm Shift bandleader/guitarist Melvin Henderson or co-founder/organist Gerry Youngman. Both men cut their teeth on landmark records during that era but have also since then served as sidemen for some of the giants of the form, including none other than Dr. Lonnie Smith and Jack McDuff. Nonetheless, Henderson and Youngman refuse to succumb to preservationism, setting their creative sights squarely forwards, rather than backwards. And now, with a new generation's perspective, courtesy of forward-thinking drummer/composer Sean Jefferson, the band is poised to launch soul jazz into its bright, funky future while tearing up stages across the globe with boiling-hot grooves and a gritty attack that pleasantly recaptures the music's rightful street-level ambience.

Mel Henderson, guitar*

Gerry Youngman, organ*

Sean Jefferson, drums*


*Mel plays Godin GuitarsQuilter Amps | *Gerry plays Nord Organ | *Sean plays Bosphorus Cymbals & DW Drums